Our Services

"We are expert product and system designers, facility builders and system integrators. We know customer service best."

Processor/Scaler - Design & Manufacture

Our history begins with LED design and invention in 1968, it continues since then with notable accomplishments directly related to technical excellence, innovation, implementation and manufacture of digital display technology. Custom solutions for unique applications are we do best. Call us at (775) 622-9900 ext. 114 or to get started on your project.

Walls & Displays - Sales, Leasing & Rentals

Our video displays come with warranties and we have service, parts, support, design and engineering available day & night, and weekends anywhere in the U.S.A. or Canada. 

We also know how to work on that odd ball or obsolete video product you can't find parts or service for.

Call us at (775) 622-9900 ext. 114 or
for LED display set-up, maintenance, parts and service.

Lighting - LED - Plasma Fixtures

Check with us for maintenance and service at (775) 622-9900 ext. 114 or by email.

Consulting - Solutions & A/V Systems Integration

Our founders have over 40 years of qualified, expert experience developing, designing, building and integrating its products into multi-discipline, indoor and outdoor, A/V facilities serving, government, business, entertainment, and worship activities, acoustic design, high end audio, video, live performance, worship, broadcast and production facilities. No matter how big or small, we know how to get your project from concepot to completion. Call us at (775) 622-9900 ext. 114 or to get started making your project real.