Version 3.1

innovolux  LED Walls and Displays - our name says it all…Innovation!

Why should your audience be limited in its best experience of your event, presentation or message? Make a powerful impact while instantly grabbing the attention of anyone within eyeshot of your next event, presentation or advertising campaign, with our new design, cutting edge LED video displays.

Whether indoor or outdoor, Innovolux’s next generation iSeries V3.1™ LED video displays give everyone a front row seat at your event, presentation or advertising campaign, maximizing your opportunity to be remembered.

Powerful, new advertising and communication monetizing strategies coupled with a beautiful, brilliant picture that capture its viewers’ attention, while accurately displaying your product and message is proven to significantly increase revenues to your bottom line.

Live events and presentations are transformed into the Spectacular by their presentation on a beautiful, brilliant picture, imprinting the experience on everyone in attendance leaving lasting memories, and the intended message firmly implanted.

But a beautiful, brilliant Display takes New Technology and New Thinking. Innovolux founders’ 44 years in the LED business, research, development and manufacturing make us among the most experienced anywhere.

Our new design iSeries V3.1™ LED video displays are a startling departure from the “old style,” “high cost,” “poor product and picture quality,” “no parts or service” world of LED video displays permeating today’s marketplace. We are proud to compare our image and product quality against all others…even at prices 7X higher.

  • We have Programmable Brightness Control …dimmable to as low as 1%± brightness at night, to very bright in daylight.                    
  • Our colors do not bleed or saturate when dimmed or at full brightness, and our whites are natural whites. No more orange, “tanned” flesh tones at night or bloomed, fluorescent reds and greens.                                                                                             
  • You’ll never see the color streaking, flickering panels, dead panels, or whites that bleed Red on our displays.                                        
  • Our crisp, sharp, natural, life-like images entice your audience to LOOK longer at your product, presentation or message, increasing the incidence of memorable, satisfying, positive responses.                                                                                              
  • Light-weight, precision machined aluminum die cast frame for fixed indoor installs & rental;                                                             
  • Outdoor furniture, kiosks and DOOH electronic billboards;                     
  • Specialized models available for Control Rooms, Board Rooms, Public Communications and Government Requirements.                       
  • Custom solutions for unique applications also available.                        
  • If you think LED wall displays are expensive, think again! Our LED video displays offer the best video display price/value proposition in the marketplace today.
Our video displays come with warranties and we have service, support, design and engineering available day & night, and weekends anywhere in the U.S.A. or Canada.  

Give the REAL Innovative Image and Advertising Professionals a call…call Innovolux at (408) 888-6122 Or click on Contact Us at the bottom of the page.

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