Version 2.1
1. Introduction
The iSeries are revolutionary "New Generation" LED Displays from Innovolux. These next-generation displays are based on years of success in LED Display Innovation, and provide an outstanding, reliable Green Solution for the market. The iSeries is engineered for the Highest Picture Quality in Indoor, Outdoor, Portable and Fixed Installations, using the latest advances in reliable, advanced energy-savings electronics.

A vastly superior, New Enhanced Picture Image Processor, coupled with truly innovative thermal and mechanical engineering create this ideal solution designed for simplified installation.

1.1 Product Range
iSeries Models
    Fixed Installation Portable
Outdoor Discrete LED 116M (Mesh), 116 120M (Mesh), 120 116Mp,116p 120Mp,i2Op
SMD LED 18,110 i8p,i1Op
Indoor SMD LED 15,16, i8 i5p, i6p, i8p
> 110, i16 and i20 modules are front panel replaceable.