Technical Venue Services
Acoustic, Audio, Video/TV and Lighting for Theaters, Video, Clubs, Education, Government, Houses of Worship, Retail, Business, Indoor & Outdoor . . .

History & Qualifications:

Innovolux’ principals and consultants earliest experiences begin in 1970, continuing through today, on soundstages, in theaters, recording studios and live performance venues; on tours and in permanent facilities, throughout North America. They are the genesis for offering these new services.
These diverse skills were honed backstage, on stage, front of house, in control booths and management offices. They include hands on acoustic & systems design, building design & construction, systems integration, installation, commissioning, operation, management, service and repairs.
Innovolux principals and consultants’ extensive list of projects include many of the world’s largest, most well-known events, venues, facilities and projects. Please contact us for resumes, references and more detailed project information.

Systems Design & Integration:
Maintenance & Service
Parts & Repairs