About Us

Innovolux is a Nevada C corporation, incorporated on November 14, 2012, by Arthur Yeap and Larry R. Martin. Both founders have seasoned, expert experience developing, designing, building and transporting multi-media, indoor and outdoor, permanent and portable A/V facilities serving government, business, entertainment, and worship activities throughout North America.


Arthur Yeap, CTO

–Hewlett-Packard Research Labs; LCD & LED Driver Research
–SMPTE Study Group, HDTV Standards
– iTV Corp – Consumer Products
–UC Berkeley; Principal Development Engineer for Real-Time 3-D Video, Audio and Structured Lighting Defense Research Program
–10+ years start-up, product development and manufacturing
–40 Years R&D, Engineering & Marketing for Silicon Valley Hi-Tech and Start-ups

Robert O. Herendeen – Engineering Management

Mr. Herendeen has over 40 years of Executive Optoelectronics experience covering LED Wafer Fab, Device Development, Product R&D, Business Unit Management and IP Management.
1968 onward   Monsanto – LED & Solid State Laser R&D in Cupertino-
Monsanto was the 1st company in the world to commercialize visible LED's.

1970 onward   Litronix – Co-developer of first Alpha-Numeric LED Intelligent Display.

1980 onward   Siemens Opto – Director of Engineering and Custom Products including Penang Fab and Assembly Operations Custom Products for Medical and Automotive, and LED Wall Display in 1998.

2000 onward   Infineon –   IP Management for the opto division Vishay IR (OSRAM) – Director of Engineering
1 patent for LED smart display (used in billions of appliances and devices)

Larry R. Martin, CEO & Managing Director 
–44 years Technical Facilities Development & Construction
40+ years Monitor & FOH engineer, Event Planner, Day of          Event Coordinator
–10+ years New Start-up
–Market Analysis
–New Business Start-up, Management & Development

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Sales & Marketing:

Larry at (775) 622-9900 ext. 114, or you can email him at [email protected]