iMGraphics Processor

Our Vermeer Optimizer model is designed to correct for most of the static and motion artifacts in existing LED Walls; high-end and particularly low-cost "generic Asian" designs - drawing upon our years of experience (actually decades) in LED fab and driver design along with Broadcast Television Standards involvement.
It has become abundantly clear that no good, dedicated processor exists for LED Displays, other than proprietary units, even though there is great need for image quality improvement in many of these displays.
Existing units are simply warmed-over general purpose scaler/switchers using off-the-shelf IC's designed for projection or home theatre. Correction for non-linear characteristics inherent to LEDs and drivers are not found in these low-cost ICs.

In the Vermeer Optimizer, we correct for many of these major defects.


Multiple inputs and parameter storage are standard, along with a mechanical design built for correct airflow even under severe temperature extremes.



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For more information about the Vermeer Optimizer, call Larry Martin at (408) 888-6122, or you can email him at [email protected]