Innovolux is a new technology company. We invent and develop full color digital display, video and audio technologies.

Innovolux is a consulting manufacturer of full color LED display boards, screens and walls whose founders have over 40 years of qualified, expert experience developing, designing, building and integrating its products into multi-discipline, indoor and outdoor, A/V facilities serving, government, business, entertainment, and worship activities.

Innovolux specializes in LED screen rentals, leasing and sales, with over 20 years assembly, rigging and technical support experience in indoor and outdoor facilities, throughout the USA, under temporary, touring and permanent installation conditions.

Innovolux is dedicated to delivering cutting edge, custom solutions of the highest quality available anywhere in LED
visualization and display systems, solutions and products; LED & Plasma "Green" lighting products; Consulting - solutions & A/V Systems Integration, at surprisingly affordable prices.

References available to qualified requests.